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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Cybersecurity – Week 48

The Good | Ukrainian Ransomware Gang Busted By Cyber Cops A ransomware…

Iran-Backed Cyber Av3ngers Escalates Campaigns Against U.S. Critical Infrastructure

Earlier this week, CISA released an advisory warning of active…

Okta: Breach Affected All Customer Support Users

When KrebsOnSecurity broke the news on Oct. 20, 2023 that identity…

Leveraging the Law, Exposing Incriminating Data and Other New Tactics in Cyber Extortion

A little over a year ago, we described how ransomware operators…

ID Theft Service Resold Access to USInfoSearch Data

One of the cybercrime underground’s more active sellers of…

DPRK Crypto Theft | macOS RustBucket Droppers Pivot to Deliver KandyKorn Payloads

North Korean-aligned threat actors targeting macOS have had a…