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How Do Attackers Use LOLBins In Fileless Attacks?

For malware authors, the idea of exploiting existing software…

E-Verify’s “SSN Lock” is Nothing of the Sort

One of the most-read advice columns on this site is a 2018 piece…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Cybersecurity – Week 27

The Good Another high-profile cybercriminal has received a well-deserved…

QuestDB nabs $2.3M seed to build open source time series database

QuestDB, a member of the Y Combinator summer 2020 cohort, is…

SEC filing indicates big data provider Palantir is raising $961M, $550M of it already secured

Palantir, the sometimes controversial, but always secretive,…

Ransomware Gangs Don’t Need PR Help

We’ve seen an ugly trend recently of tech news stories and…