Yes, Slack is down. Update: Slack’s back

Update: It’s baaaaaack. Back to work, erm, slackers. Official word, per Slack:

We’re pleased to report that we have the all clear, and all functionality is now restored. Thanks so much for bearing with us in the meantime.

Are your co-workers ignoring you? Welcome to my world! In your case, however, that is probably because Slack is currently down (as of about 11AM EST). According to its status page, some workspaces are experiencing issues with messages sending and loading.

Slack outage notice

Slack outage notice


The outage follows a number of recent issues for the popular workplace chat service, include a big one that hit in late-June. Interestingly, the company just issued a major update to its underlying infrastructure. The refresh didn’t include any cosmetic changes to the service, but instead presented a large-scale push away from jQuery and other older technologies to a newer stack.

Update: Things appear to be on the upswing now. Here’s what’s been going on, per Slack:

Customers may be running into trouble accessing their Slack workspaces completely. We’re actively looking into this and apologize for the interruption to your day.

Some workspaces might be experiencing issues with messages sending, and slow performance across the board. Our team is on the case and we’ll report back once we have an update to share.

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