S Ventures Invests in Armorblox to Combat Email Threats Using Natural Language Understanding and AI

Email remains one of the most targeted attack vectors in cybersecurity, and attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their techniques. At the same time, many organizations are well on their way to moving email systems to the cloud. With cloud environments being particularly susceptible to threats such as phishing and credential stuffing, many enterprises are re-thinking their approach to addressing email security with emphasis on their need to analyze massive amounts of data efficiently and at scale.

This is why SentinelOne is excited to invest in Armorblox, a platform helping organizations fight email threats with the power of natural language understanding (NLU) and artificial intelligence (AI). The Armorblox platform connects over API and analyzes thousands of signals to understand the context of day-to-day email communications. The signals stem from user identity, user behavior, and email language; all to help build a fuller security understanding. This type of context-aware detection protects both people and data from compromise, outpacing what legacy email security controls are capable of. Armorblox is led by a strong team of entrepreneurs formerly of Netskope, Duo Security, StackRox, and ThoughtSpot.

Many vendors in the cybersecurity industry claim to be “powered by AI,” but often require keeping a human element in the monitoring and detection process. Armorblox’s approach is fully autonomous. As the pioneers of AI in an endpoint protection, detection, and response application, the SentinelOne Innovation team weighed in on Armorblox’s use of NLU and AI:

“We dove deep with the Armorblox team into their technology and were impressed. Armorblox has strong capabilities in machine learning (ML) and NLU which, when applied to email security, result in high detection rates and low false positives.” – Ido Kotler, Innovation Lead at SentinelOne

Leveraging the power of AI also means that enterprises can tailor fit their solutions to any specific needs of the business. Armorblox’s AI-based infrastructure is capable of using past learnings to create dynamic policies and building custom ML models for each end user to facilitate an iterative improvement process.

The value of Armorblox’s approach and overall platform was validated by our own experience as a customer. SentinelOne has been in production with Armorblox as our sole email protection platform for over a year.

“Armorblox was able to solve a lot of the issues we were facing when we implemented cloud-based email. Armorblox connected over API in 5 minutes and analyzed 6 months of email archives to build a communication baseline, showing quick time-to-value and high effectiveness.” – Sridhar Yelfireddy, Senior IT Infrastructure and Operations Leader at SentinelOne

Now, Armorblox and SentinelOne customers can benefit from our joint integration and partnership as well. SentinelOne’s XDR integration with the email security platform enriches incidents with contextual information about a user and any related email alerts. It also ensures that customers can prevent attacks, investigate hidden threats, and respond across these infrastructures with agility and precision.

Together, SentinelOne and Armorblox empower joint customers to protect their enterprises. Read more about the XDR integration and partnership here.

SentinelOne’s investment in Armorblox solidifies our partnership and showcases the power of AI-driven speed, scale, and accuracy across all facets of cybersecurity.

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